Listed on this page are MS Word documents that you can edit as a starting point for your resume. We have also included examples of strong and weak bullet points and a formula to help you write your own bullet points. Remember to consider your specific experiences and skills as you decide which headings and descriptions to use.

Sample Bullet Points

When listing experiences, describe accomplishments and not just duties. Employers want to know how you performed, as opposed to what you were asked to do. Lead each phrase with an action verb and, if possible, end with results.

You can this formula to write your bullet points: Action verb (skill) + noun (include what/how many) + results

If you cannot name a specific result of your actions, you can highlight the skill demonstrated. For example, “Demonstrated respect and professionalism in working with all customers and staff.”

Bullet Points that Show Results

Here are examples of weak bullet points that are made stronger by including action verbs and results:

  • Weak: Assisted with promotions
  • Strong: Managed social media accounts, generating an increase in website traffic
  • Weak: Duties included customer service
  • Strong: Provided excellent customer service during each shift, garnering positive feedback from clients and manager
  • Weak: Serve as treasurer
  • Strong: Oversee budget of $30,000, tracking all spending and monitoring adherence to policies
  • Weak: Responsible for taking care of children
  • Strong: Maintain safe, pleasant environment for three children, ages 2-7 years
  • Weak: Ran lawn service
  • Strong: Generated new business for personal lawn service by prioritizing customer satisfaction
  • Weak: Assisted as tutor
  • Strong: Served as a Spanish tutor, tailoring strategies to student’s learning style, resulting in improvement from C- to A- within two semesters