Students from all majors may find that studying or working abroad enhances their educational experience. You may be among the UA students determined to go abroad to study, intern, volunteer, launch a career, or all of the above. If you choose to study or intern abroad, think of how the opportunity relates to your career planning and preparation. If you have a career (or several) in mind, research the desired skills and traits and imagine how the experience abroad might help you develop those.

Overseas Study Resource Center

If you are considering studying abroad, meet with an Overseas Study Coordinator in the Overseas Study Resource Center located in the Capstone International Center (135 B.B. Comer).

Translating Your Study Abroad Experience

During your study abroad experience, you likely gained skills and experiences that relate to your career prospects. However, translating those experiences into a cover letter or onto your resume can be tricky. Check out these helpful tips developed by Career Center staff. If you’re still having trouble, you can use Handshake to make an appointment with a Career Consultant.

Additional Resources