For most jobs, and for some graduate and professional schools, an interview is part of the selection process. Successful interviewing doesn’t begin the moment you walk into the interview and end the moment you leave. Successful interviewing includes preparation and follow up.

Read through the following tips on preparing, performing your best, and following up after the interview. Review the different interview formats and questions, and practice the recommended strategies through mock interviews.

Making a Positive Impression

Present yourself professionally

The way you dress and present yourself affects the interviewer’s initial impression of you. Allow time to select and, if necessary, tailor interview attire appropriate for your chosen profession.

Professionalism includes punctuality, dress, hygiene, verbal and nonverbal behavior, and dining etiquette. Arrive at least 10-15 minutes early; remember, you have only one opportunity to make a good first impression, and being late or not showing will not be viewed favorably.

Bring a padfolio or portfolio to hold copies of your resume along with other documents appropriate for the position or field. Ask your career consultant if you’re unsure about that.

Know the position and the organization

Knowing the position enables you to provide details when telling how you’re qualified and why you’re interested.

Thoroughly research the organization prior to your interview. Interviewers may ask what you know about their organization as a way of evaluating your interest and preparation.

Interview Formats, Questions, and Strategies

Additional Insight from Employers (Videos)