Employer information sessions are opportunities to learn more about the employer before the interview. Details shared might include organizational structure and typical career paths. Students will gain additional insight into the employment opportunities available.

Most information sessions last 1 to 2 hours. They are typically held the evening before the employer begins interviewing on campus, though they might be held at other times in the semester. They may be formal or informal and may include refreshments.

Why should students attend?

Students planning to interview with the organization should attend to meet the recruiters and show interest in the position. In addition, students will learn more about the employer and have time to consider before to the interview how they fit the employers’ needs.

Employers host information sessions in order to cover information with candidates all at once. By attending the session, candidates prevent employers from having to repeat that information in each interview.

Are they open to students who do not have an interview scheduled with the organization?

Some information sessions are open only to students who have been invited by the employer; others are open to all students. To learn if a particular information session is open to all students, call the Career Center at (205) 348-5848.

Is there a list of information sessions scheduled for the semester?

The Career Center Calendar of Events includes a navigation key that allows you to search for information sessions that have been scheduled thus far.

Do I need to RSVP?

You need to RSVP to an event only if you have been directly contacted by the employer, who will provide the specific name and email address and/or phone number of the recruiter to whom you need to RSVP.

What do I wear?

Unless the information session is described as formal, business casual attire is appropriate. For details, refer to the Professional Dress Guidelines in the Career Guide.