A portfolio is a showcase of your work and accomplishments for others to view.  In today’s competitive market, a creative and informative portfolio could be the key to setting you apart from other candidates. Remember, a portfolio cannot work magic by itself. Don’t rely on it to sell your skills to an interviewer. A good portfolio can help, but ultimately you have to prove your skills and abilities in person.

Why Should I Have a Portfolio?

Students from all majors can adapt and utilize portfolios as a tool to help market themselves to prospective employers. The purpose and content of your portfolio will be determined by your career goal. If you are looking for a job in more than one career field you may need to vary the contents.

What Do I Include In a Portfolio?

This will vary according to your career field and the type of portfolio created: traditional or online. Some items you might include:

  • Writing Samples
  • Certifications
  • Evaluations
  • Media Campaigns
  • Lesson Plans
  • Project Outlines and Budgets
  • Web Designs
  • Graphic Design Samples
  • Photography Samples
  • Fine Art Samples
  • Design Projects
  • Commendation Letters

Create a Free Online Portfolio

With an online portfolio, you can showcase your videos, photographs, sketches, designs, and projects all in one location.

There are various free options to get your work online, including: