Some circumstances require special resume formats. Below you will find information about and samples of some special resume formats. If you have questions about any of these formats, we encourage you to make an appointment with your career consultant.

Chronological/Functional Resume

The resume format most often used by students pursuing internships, co-ops, or entry-level positions, is the chronological resume. Chronological resumes focus on experiences and the skills and results associated with each. These experiences are divided by categories (ex. Relevant Experience, Campus Involvement) and are listed in reverse chronological order, so that your most recent experiences are first.

The functional resume shows accomplishments under areas of expertise. This format may work well for some career changers with experience in areas outside the new profession. For example, a veteran with military experience may choose a functional resume as a way of showing how experiences and skills translate to civilian jobs.

Not all employers like functional resumes because they prefer to see the details of accomplishments with each position held. Talk with your career consultant if you are trying to decide which format to use. A combination of the chronological and functional formats (referred to as a combination or hybrid resume) may suit your needs. Download a sample functional resume below.

The Military-to-Civilian Resume

Military experience provides opportunities to develop a range of skills, many of which transfer to civilian jobs. Once you begin targeting jobs, you’ll want to write a resume that includes your military experience described in terms readily understood by someone without a military background. Avoid using military jargon, abbreviations, and acronyms.

The following resources can help you translate your military experience and job titles into terms familiar to civilian employers:

Talking with peers about your career interests can lead to learning about opportunities and/or connections in your chosen field. You may also learn how others have effectively promoted their military experience to civilian employers. The Center for Veteran and Military Affairs provides opportunities for student veterans to meet and build relationships.

Resumes for Government Jobs

Resumes for federal jobs include more details than those written for jobs in private industries. You can begin building a resume for federal employment in the same way you build any resume — by listing jobs, skills, accomplishments, projects, leadership positions, and activities. After generating this list, visit to learn how to format resumes for government jobs.

International Resumes

Resume content and formats vary from country to country. If you are interested in working outside the U.S., be sure to research guidelines for writing an appropriate resume for your desired location.

Creative Resumes

Creative fields such as graphic or interior design typically allow for more creative resume formats. However, no matter how clever the design, a resume will still need to convey to an employer your potential to bring value to the organization. Focus first on the content of your resume. If you are interested in learning how you might add an appropriate touch of creativity to your resume, talk with professionals in your targeted field or meet with your career consultant in the Career Center. Examples of creative resumes are available on a variety of websites, including Canva.