Why should we hire you?

Among frequently asked interview questions is “Why should we hire you?”  With this question, you have a chance to summarize qualifications like:

  • Relevant experience and skills
  • Interest in the position and organization
  • Shared values with the organization
  • Ways you believe you might contribute immediately
  • Your eagerness to learn and grow
  • How the position is a great opportunity for your career goals

Include specifics to support your points and to make your answer memorable. Responses to this question can often sound the same.

Your response should be about two minutes, so think of points you’d like to make and practice answering concisely.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Another frequently asked question is, “What do you consider to be your biggest strength and biggest weakness?”  Interviewers want to know if you’re honest and self-aware. As with other interview questions, how you respond is important. It’s best to prepare for this question, but you need to be conversational.

Choosing a Strength

  • Think of your strengths and choose one that will be relevant to the particular interviewer.
  • Provide an example of demonstrating the strength in a recent role from work, school, or volunteer experience.

Sample Response for Management Trainee Position:

“I consider one of my greatest strengths to be problem-solving. For example, as a part-time sales associate, I’ve had to handle situations when the manager is away. Last week, a customer was upset about an order, so I double-checked store policy and ….”

Choosing a Weakness

  • Be honest. Think of something you’re challenged by that would not be a red flag to the interviewer.
  • Include how you are working to manage the weakness.

Sample Response:

“I can get caught up fine-tuning projects when I should stop instead and give attention to other things. Last semester, this caused me to almost miss a deadline, so I’ve been taking steps to avoid that. I set a deadline for myself ahead of the actual deadline…”

Additional Tips

Additional Tips for Answering Greatest Weakness Question.