What is VMock?

VMock is a platform that utilizes data science based on employers’ input to provide instant feedback on your resume and/or elevator pitch/interview responses. VMock is available to you 24-7.

What can you do in VMock?

1. Build your resume.

  • Use the SMART Resume Editor to build your resume using a template in the platform.

Upload your current resume for immediate feedback.

  • Upload your current resume (pdf required) and receive tailored feedback in three categories: impact, presentation, and competencies. You will receive a score but focus more on the detailed feedback and use the SMART Editor to make changes. You have 10 opportunities per year to upload or rescore your resume.

2. Practice interviewing and get immediate feedback for improving.

  • Choose from a selection of interview questions and record your responses. Receive feedback on content, diction, and non-verbal communication.

Get started with VMock.

Go to www.vmock.com/ua (Culverhouse students go to www.vmock.com/culverhouse) and choose the account type “Students/Alumni” to register with your crimson.ua.edu address.

You will begin on the Student Dashboard where you will choose Resume or Elevator Pitch (interviewing) from the left menu. In the resume section choose Create New or Upload Resume.

If you are using VMock for a class assignment, follow your instructor’s directions.

Tips for Using VMock:

Take time to review the resume feedback and make edits in the SMART Editor before rescoring your resume. Manage your 10 upload/rescoring opportunities wisely.

If you have issues with the platform or questions about the wording of the feedback, click the Help icon in the system.

Career consultants are eager to help if you have questions about your resume and/or elevator pitch/interview responses. VMock may simply be a good starting point for you. You may schedule an appointment through Handshake or by calling 205-348-5848.

Remember to upload your final resume to Handshake and complete your Handshake profile!