Career Fair Events

To view and/or register for any of the following events, visit Handshake. For additional information, please visit our calendar.

General Interest and Business Career Fair

Academic programs include all majors across campus; undergraduate business majors, specialty masters (Operations Management, MIS, Marketing) and MBA students.

Next fair: Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019
10 a.m.-3 p.m. at Coleman Coliseum
To register, please visit

Technical and Engineering Career Fair

Academic programs include all majors within the College of Engineering; technical majors from the College of Arts and Sciences (Chemistry, Geology, etc.) and MIS, Operations Management and MBA students.

Next fair: Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019
10 a.m.-3 p.m. at Coleman Coliseum
To register, please visit

Education Interview Day

Undergraduate and graduate students from the College of Education who are seeking full-time teaching positions may attend this event.

Next event: Wednesday, Mar. 6, 2019
Ferguson Center Ballroom
Check-in starts at 8 a.m.
To register, please visit

Health and Social Services Career Fair

Students interested in pursuing a career in the health or social services may attend this fair. Specific academic programs include Nursing, Social Work, Psychology, General Health Studies and Food and Nutrition.

Next event: Monday, Feb. 4, 2019
Ferguson Student Center Ballroom
12 – 3 p.m.
To register, please visit

How To Get The Most Out Of Career Fairs

Dress for Success

  • Clothing: Professional attire is a must for Career Fairs. If you’re not sure exactly what professional attire means, check our dress guidelines here. Students may also access our Crimson Career Closet to borrow business attire for Career Fairs and other events.
  • Accessories: Wear minimal or no jewelry. Recruiters’ attention should be drawn to your qualifications.
  • Scents: Do not wear cologne or perfume. Even subtle scents can be too much in close quarters.
  • Name tags: Position your name tag so recruiters can see your name while shaking your hand.
  • Inappropriate attire: Don’t wear wrinkled, dirty or ill-fitting clothing; revealing clothes (plunging necklines, exposed midriffs, and skirts above the knee when sitting); flip-flops, tennis shoes, or sandals; jeans or any denim clothing.

Prepare to Impress

  • Do your research: Check the list of participants and identify organizations of interest to you. Research the websites of these employers. Be open to talking with a variety of employers if you think you might fit in their organization. List of participating employees for each day can be found in Handshake!
  • Resume prep: Have your resume critiqued. You can have your resume reviewed by a member of the Career Center staff during our weekly walk-in hours. Using quality resume paper, print enough copies for the employers you know you want to meet and a few extras for the employers you may decided to speak with that day.
  • Use keywords: Make brief “keyword” notes about what you want to discuss with each employers. You can have these written in the padfolio you bring (padfolios help keep copies of your resume neat).
  • Practice your pitch: Practice giving a brief statement of what you’re looking for in a job or career. You want this to sound conversational and not stiff.
  • The handshake: Practice your professional handshake! This is part of the immediate impression you make.

What can I expect?

  • Employers will expect you to know something about their organization.
  • Do not expect employers to ask for your resume. Focus on having a good conversation and offer your resume before leaving their table.
  • Speak clearly and maintain eye contact. It may be noisy around some tables.
  • Employers may not have business cards to distribute. Try to remember the name of the recruiter with whom you speak. This is important for follow-up.
  • There may be several students waiting to speak to one recruiter. Decide if you have time to wait patiently or if you need to move to another on your list and return to that table later.
  • Many employers will have freebies on their tables. Wait until one is offered instead of taking one yourself.
  • Don’t monopolize the recruiter’s time. Once you share your main points and have a brief conversation, thank the recruiter for his/her time, offer your resume, shake hands again and smile!

How do I follow up with employers I meet?

  • If a recruiter does not offer information about their interviewing process, then ask!
  • Send a personalized thank-you note to each recruiter with whom you spoke. Try to include something specific you discussed during your conversation.