Do I need an appointment to meet with a career consultant?

You are welcome to drop by during our office hours and meet with an available career consultant. To meet with a consultant who works specifically with your area of interest, you may prefer to call ahead and schedule an appointment. Undergraduates also welcome to see a consultant or peer advisor during walk-in hours in locations around campus. Note: Graduate-level students may need to schedule appointments with consultants depending on the service sought (e.g., resume review).

Can I take a test that will tell me what to do and/or major in?

In some cases, assessments (surveys) such as the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator may be used to help you identify interests and various personality characteristics. However, there is no “career test” that can determine what career you should pursue.

Career consultants meet with students before recommending assessments to help determine the best course of action. Students interested in learning more about self-assessment can contact their career consultant.

I’m not a student, but I’m considering attending UA. May I meet a consultant?

We invite you to stop by the Career Center or schedule an appointment to meet with us if you are visiting campus. We will be glad to talk with you about our services and resources. Once you have been admitted to The University of Alabama, you are welcome to meet with a career consultant to discuss your career planning in greater detail. In the meantime, feel free to browse our website for information and recommended steps.

What services are available upon graduation?

All University of Alabama alumni can utilize the Career Center’s services.

How do you vet employers, and how can I interact with potential employers safely?

See our page on Vetting Employers for information on how we screen companies, as well as additional security resources for job-seekers.

Do employers visit campus to recruit students?

Many employers visit campus throughout fall and spring semesters to interact with students. Their activities include attending career fairs, speaking to classes and organizations and/or conducting interviews. Employers who schedule on-campus interviews post their positions on Handshake, where students can view the job descriptions and, if qualified, submit their resumes to be considered. Our Calendar of Events also lists on-campus recruiting opportunities.

How can I get student business cards made?

Students can order business cards via University Printing.

Can I have a headshot made?

Yes — the Career Center is proud to offer students and alumni free headshot photography. Headshot walk-in hours can be found in Handshake. Headshots are available to all students in the main office, and students with majors in the Culverhouse College of Business may have the option of headshots made in the Bidgood satellite office.

Where can I find salary information from the previous graduating class?

Browse our First Destination Reports.