Studies have shown that the most effective job search strategy for any field is networking.

To network effectively, or use any job search strategy successfully, you must first be able to define what you want. If you can name the type of position, work setting, and organizational culture you’re targeting, your job search strategies will be focused and your contacts will be able to share information relevant to your goal.

Maximize the time you’re investing by taking actions that generate results.

Research effective strategies and designate specific times during the week to devote to your search. Your goal is to access opportunities and tailor your resume and cover letter for each. You also want to be visible to employers who rely heavily on networking sites to find candidates.

Consider the following strategies in your search:

  • Networking.
  • Create a professional presence on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.
  • Applying to jobs in Handshake.
  • Checking websites of professional and industry associations and societies for job postings.
  • Attending Career Fairs.

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