On-Campus Interviewing

The University of Alabama Career Center has 18 interview rooms available for on-campus interviewing, as well as a room for remote interviews via Skype or similar technology. We also have a conference room and a classroom available for your use.

Instructions for Requesting an On-Campus Interview Schedule

To request an on-campus interview schedule, you will need to have a Handshake account. Log in or register at joinhandshake.com/employers.

Request an Interview Schedule/Attach Position

  • Click on the “On-Campus Recruiting” tab on the top navigation bar in Handshake.
  • Scroll down and click “Request a Schedule.” This will allow you to choose a date and how many rooms you would like to reserve. You can also add notes to your schedule; for example, if you would like back-to-back 1-hour interviews, or if you will need a conference room. An interview room is also available in the Culverhouse College of Business satellite office, located in Bidgood Hall, and may be requested in the notes section.
  • Schedule an interview type:
    • Room only (you will build your own
      schedule outside of the system; employer needs just a room)
    • Pre-select/Pre-select alternate (will collect resumes through Handshake and review resumes/invite students to interview)
    • Open (rarely used: students can automatically sign up for an interview if they meet the screening criteria on the posting – contact does not have to invite)
  • Complete all fields and submit. Your request will be processed within 24 hours and you will receive a system-generated confirmation email with details.

Day of Interviews

Bring a printed copy of the parking pass that was emailed to you when you registered for on-campus interviews. If you need an additional copy, please contact the Career Center at 205-348-5848 prior to your visit. The interviews will take place in the Career Center in The University of Alabama Student Center, Room 3400, located on the third floor. The parking pass you receive includes a map and directions to The University of Alabama Student Center parking at 751 Campus Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487.

When you arrive, please check in at the Career Center’s reception desk. Our office is typically open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please let Jennifer Phifer know if you have additional requests prior to your visit (you can also note this when requesting your schedules). In your interview room, you will find a folder and a packet of your interviewees and their resumes, along with Wi-Fi access information. Please leave a list of the names of the interviewers or their business cards at the front desk.

For assistance in requesting or updating your schedule, please contact Jennifer Phifer.

Information Sessions

Information sessions are commonly held in advance to a scheduled on-campus interview and may be held the night before an interview or a few weeks ahead of the interview date. Information sessions may be requested/scheduled through Handshake when creating an interview schedule.

All presentations must be on a flash drive or accessible via the Internet. External devices (laptops, iPads, etc.) cannot be plugged into The University of Alabama Student Center equipment.

Catering is available for information sessions through Bama Dining/Classic Fare Catering and may be arranged by calling 205-348-9881.

Information Tables

Information tables can be set up in The University of Alabama Student Center for employers interested in branding/marketing and information dissemination. To request a table, please email Jennifer Phifer with dates and times.