Whether recruiting for business, engineering, government, education, health, communication or a nonprofit organization, career fairs can help employers meet many qualified candidates in a short period of time. Career fairs are the ideal setting to recruit for both full-time positions and internships. All types of students attend this event: underclassmen, graduating students, and alumni. Learn out more about our upcoming events.

General Interest and Business

This fair targets students from all majors across campus; undergraduate business majors, specialty masters (Operations Management, MIS, Marketing) and MBA students also attend this fair, which drew 1,425 students in Fall 2016 and 1,202 in Spring 2017.

Fall 2016

  • Freshmen: 36 (3%)
  • Sophomores: 127 (9%)
  • Juniors: 429 (30%)
  • Seniors: 682 (48%)
  • Graduate students: 126 (9%)
  • Alumni: 25 (2%)

Spring 2017

  • Freshmen: 16 (1%)
  • Sophomores: 179 (16%)
  • Juniors: 385 (35%)
  • Seniors: 530 (48%)
  • Graduate students: 63 (6%)
  • Alumni: 29 (3%)

Technical and Engineering

This fair targets majors within the College of Engineering, as well as technical majors from the College of Arts and Sciences (Chemistry, Geology, etc.); MIS, Operations Management, and MBA students will also attend this fair, which drew 1,237 students in Fall 2016 and 861 in Spring 2017.

Fall 2016

  • Freshmen: 31 (3%)
  • Sophomores: 131 (11%)
  • Juniors: 287 (23%)
  • Seniors: 665 (54%)
  • Graduate students: 95 (8%)
  • Alumni: 28 (2%)

Spring 2017

  • Freshmen: 25 (3%)
  • Sophomores: 118 (14%)
  • Juniors: 198 (23%)
  • Seniors: 445 (52%)
  • Graduate students: 49 (6%)
  • Alumni: 26 (3%)

Diverse Reverse Career Fair

The Career Center has hosted five Diverse Reverse Career Fairs, all hosted in the Bryant Conference Center. This event takes place at the end of day one of the biannual Career Fair across the street at Coleman Coliseum.

Unlike a normal career fair, this one is done in reverse: Student organizations will set up table displays, and company recruiters are the ones to walk from table to table. Many student organizations use this opportunity to highlight job-seeking members, and this more-intimate event also offers an opportunity to network and involve employers in the groups’ missions through events or sponsorships.

Education Interview Day

This fair brought many school districts from all over to campus in order to engage with education majors. Students learned more about employment opportunities and many participated in on-site interviews with several school systems and organizations.

Health and Social Services Fair

This fair targeted students interested in pursuing a career in the health or social services field. Students interacted with various employers to discuss full-time and internship opportunities.

Cooperative Education Interview Day

For the Fall 2016 Co-op Interview Day, 88 employers interviewed 272 students for a total of 1,020 interviews; 213 offers of employment were made (60.7% of students attending). For the Spring 2017 event, 66 employers interviewed 245 students for a total of 891 interviews; 156 offers of employment were made (52.2% of students attending).