Intern Spotlight: DJ Antonacio

This Intern Spotlight focuses on DJ Antonacio, who’s working in Los Angeles, California, as an advisory services intern for Verittas Risk Advisors.

Intern Spotlight: DJ Antonacio, Verittas Risk Advisors

Name: DJ Antonacio

Major: Accounting

Year: Senior

Interning with: Verittas Risk Advisors

Location: Los Angeles, California

Description of duties: Assisting on audit teams dealing with three different clients across the Greater Los Angeles area. Tasked with supervising/training first year Interns as well as organizing work papers inherent to the client.

About DJ: Enjoys talking about Alabama football’s success with co-workers who went to the University of Tennessee. Serves as player and vice president for UA’s men’s lacrosse team (, @AlabamaLax on Twitter).

“Through Verittas, I’ve had the opportunity to work (with) clients in New York, Maryland, and Los Angeles. This has given me a great idea of the kind of attention and travel that goes into working for a national professional services firm like Verittas. This kind of experience while I am still in college could not be more helpful as I continue to further my career in financial services. In addition, multiple times during my internship I was brought along for meetings with bank executives, and just being able to sit in on those meetings is extremely beneficial for me. I’ve learned so much from these types of opportunities.”

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